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DRONE SERVICE is a company that realize aerial video and photographs with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) , for film, spot, television and documentary. In operation since 2006, we are at the forefront with the highest quality systems we have built and perfected. DRONE SERVICE was born from the experience of a company named STEADICAM SERVICES, started over 20 years ago to supply cinema equipment, steadicam iand operators. It consists of four members involved as car and steadicam operators, photography directors for film, fiction, documentary and commercials, both Italian and international.

Our multi-year experience led us 6 years ago to invest in new world of aerial shooting with UAV, equipped with three-axle gimbal leveling. Our professionalism, tied to electronic engineers and experts in the field of aeromodellism, has prompted us to create flying machines capable of offering spectacular aerial photography, a new visual language.

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Alessandro Bolognesi

Born in Rome, 1965, Alessandro Bolognesi attends the School of Cinema and, in 1986 begins his career as camera operator. He immediately falls in love with the "steadicam" that is initially experimented right in that timeframe (e.g. Shining, Rocky). Alessandro then, jumps - first in Italy  and one of the first in Europe - into the new technology and attends the European training class held by the inventor of the steadincam, garrett Brown. In 2006 Alessandro has the intuition about the usage of a new technology, the drones, into the movie industry and starts to develop tools and expertise that ate now making DroneService the leader in the drone industry for high quality  movies and images.

- Camera and steadicam operator

- Drone Pilot

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Daniele Proietti

Born in Rome in 1974, Daniele has been working for the Cinema industry since 1994. From 1998 he is a qualified camera and steadicam operator. So far he participated to more than 80 projects, including movies, fictions and sports. In the 2010 he became a qualified drone pilot, developing several projects with drones, both as a pilot and as operator.
- Camera and steadicam operator
- Drone Pilot
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Marco Fabriziani

Born in Rome in 1972, Marco attends the school of sperimental electronics and falls in love with computer science. He immediately applies his talent to the steadicam equipment, building, also, the electronic components of several steadicam models and becoming the "master support" for our company and for the external customers as well. Besides being "drone architect" in DroneService, he is also a qualified drone pilot and has worked in multiple projects including movies,fictions and spots.
- Electronic engineer
- Drone Pilot

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